So you've found your way to my blog somehow. Best case scenario (and biggest stroke to my ego) - the blog was linked somewhere interesting like Hacker News, or maybe even a popular yet tasteful subreddit. More likely, you googled my name (I'm even fine with you Bing'ing it). Most likely - you are one of my friends and I posted my blog to your feed.

If the last scenario semi-apologies for the mental-colonizing. Though not really actually. If you think about it, this blog is my latest battlefront in idea-warfare. What better way to spread my thoughts as far as possible than to let my words percolate through the web; little nano-bots of my consciousness incessantly crawling for new brains to infect. Craig:1, whoever you are: 0.

Anyway, if you actually organically came across my site, then you may be wondering which Craig McGowan I am. While not blessed in magnitude a'la the John Smiths of the world, there are doubtless dozens of Craig McGowans. Dozens, I say!

So let's quickly go through which Craig McGowans I am not.

  • I am not the Australian Craig that owns, the one who has refused to sell it to me for the past eight years. (If you are reading this, partner-in-name, my offer still stands).
  • I am not the Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at Idaho University Craig, who even has his own McGowan Lab named after him, though I am undoubtedly envious of him.
  • And I am definitely not Craig McGowan, the landscape photographer out of Brisbane, but go take a look at his stellar work anyway!  

Now that we've narrowed it down,  let me tell you about the specific Craig McGowan this site belongs to.

This Craig:

  • Lives in Brooklyn, NY with my beautiful girlfriend Samantha.
  • Hails out of Santa Barbara, California.
  • Has too many hobbies, including:
    • Photography
    • Cooking
    • Piano, my dream is to someday be able to play La La Land in its entirety.
    • Programming, my next job (hopefully)
    • Movies (only good ones)
    • Biking
    • Gardening

I guess I should count myself lucky that the other Craig McGowan's don't know much about SEO or web development, as I'm predicting a quick ascension to the top of the Google search results. As of writing this, ranks....not even on the top 10 pages, so it looks like I have some serious writing and keyword stuffing to do.